Northern Regional Centre Dehradun
National Emblem Ministry of Environment and Forests

Status of Survey

  • Since the inception of the circle, about 372 extensive and intensive survey tours (each 20-70 days duration) and 15 multidisciplinary expeditions have been undertaken to the various regions falling under its jurisdiction. As a result of these efforts many areas are fairly to well explored. Out of about 93 districts and 2 union territories under this circle, about 50 districts, Chandigarh and Delhi are well explored (>70%) while about 26 districts are explored (40-70%). About 17 districts are being explored i.e. the survey is below 40%. The state-wise explorations and the status of survey is shown in the table and map.
  • All these explorations have resulted in collection of ca 1,07,380 field numbers (including 9,620 numbers of non-vascular cryptogams).

Last Updated : 17/07/2019