Central Botanical Laboratory, Howrah

The Central Botanical Laboratory was established on 13 April 1954 to conduct research in various disciplines of botany. It has three major sections: the Cytology Section, the Economic Botany Section and the Plant Physiology Section. A chromosomal survey of the Indian flora is a major programme of the Cytology Section. The Economic Botany Section is engaged in studying and evaluating less known economic or medicinal plants and plants being used by tribals (ethnobotany). Studies on the dormancy, viability and germination behaviour of seeds of economically important plants and rare and endangered plants are being carried out at the Physiology Section. Established - 13th April, 1954 at Indian Museum, Kolkata; thereafter temporarily shifted to Allahabad and finally to Kolkata in 1962. Accessioned specimens Herbarium specimens: 10,000 Museum exhibits: 5500 Main programmes Chromosome Atlas Biosystematic studies Ethnobotany Seed storage, viability and germination. Contact Details - Scientist-in-Charge, BSI,Central Botanical Laboratory,P. O. Botanic Garden, Howrah – 711 103 ,Phone: +91 33 2668 7574
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Regional Centre Publications

More than 200 research papers and four books viz. Chromosome atlas of flowering plants of Indian Sub-continent by Kumar & Subramaniam (1987), Plants for Human consumption by Roy et al. (1998), Bibliography of Ethnobotany by Jain et al. (1984) and Tribal Medicines by Pal and Jain (1998), Bhesoja Udvid Tar Gunagun (Medicinal Plants and their uses) by Sur (2009) have been published by the scientists of CBL.