Industrial Section in the Indian Museum

The Industrial Section has been a part of the Botanical Survey of India since 1911. Its galleries have more than 20,000 exhibits arranged in various bays and sections, based on their uses: crude drugs, food, fodder, dyes, tannins, gums, narcotics, beverages, etc. The Industrial Section is also engaged in imparting visual education (organizing exhibitions, mobile demonstrations and lectures) about the role of plants in environmental protection, their importance in our daily life and the need for conserving them. It also maintains a herbarium of economic plants. The large volume of data compiled and used by George Watt for his Dictionary of Economic Products of India is preserved and displayed in a series of ledgers at the museum. Established - 1st April, 1887;merged with Botanical Survey of India in January, 1911. Accessioned specimens Museum specimens: 20,000 Herbarium specimens: 70,000 Library holding - 28,000 books and journals Main Programmes - Maintenance and modernisation of Botanical gallery. Conservation and education / awareness programme. Organising exhibitions and seminars. Contact Details - Scientist-in-Charge,Industrial Section in Indian Museum, BSI 1, Sudder Street, Kolkata–700016 ,Phone: +91 33 2286 1630
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