Annual Scientific Meet 2021

Online Annual Scientific Meet of Botanical Survey of India was conducted in between 3rd May to 5th May 2021.


Presenting officer Name of the Regional Centre View

Dr. Lal Ji Singh, Scientist-E 

Andaman & Nicobar Regional Centre, Port Blair

Dr. V. K. Rawat, Scientist-E

Arunachal Pradesh Regional Centre, Itanagar

Dr. R.K. Gupta, Scientist-E  Central National Herbarium, Howrah
Dr. Arti Garg, Scientist-E  Central Regional Centre, Allahabad
Dr. K.S. Dogra, Scientist-D  High Altitude Western Himalayan Regional Centre, Solan
Dr. S.K. Singh, Scientist–E  Northern Regional Centre, Dehradun
Dr. M. U. Sharief, Scientist-E  Southern Regional Centre, Coimbatore
Dr. Sandeep Chauhan, Scientist-E  Botanic Garden of Indian Republic, Noida
Dr. Rajib Gogoi, Scientist-E Sikkim Himalaya Regional Centre, Gangtok
Dr M. Bhaumik, Scientist- E Industrial Section India Museum, Kolkata


Presenting officer Name of the Project View
Dr. C. Murugan, Scientist-E  Flora of India, Vol. 11
Dr. Arisdason, Scientist-D  Flora of India, Vol. 20
Dr. V. Sampath Kumar, Scientist-E  Flora of India, Vol. 21
Dr. Manas Bhaumik, Scientist-E Flora of India, Vol. 22
Dr. Rajib Gogoi, Scientist-E Flora of India, Vol. 27
Dr. M.U. Sharief, Scientist-E  Flora of India, Vol. 28
Dr. D. K. Agrawala, Scientist-E  Flora of India, Vol. 25 & 26
Dr. A.Benniamin, Scientist-E & Dr. B.S. Kholia, Sci. E  Pteridophytic flora of India
Dr. P.V. Prasanna, Scientist-G  Flora of India, Vol. 31 & Vol. 32
Dr. M. Palanisamy, Scientist-E Marine macro algal flora of India


Presenting officer Name of the Project View
Dr. A. N. Shukla, Scientist- C Ex-situ conservation of RET and economically important species in the experimental garden of BSI CRC , Allahabad
Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Verma, Scientist-C Morphological and cytological studies of selected plants from CRC garden, Allahabad
Mr. B.B.T. Tham, Botanist Ex-situ conservation & multiplication of endemic, rare, threatened and economically important plants of NE India at Experimental Botanic Garden, BSI, ERC, Barapani
Dr. C. Murugan Scientist-E Flora of Kerala
Dr. Chhaya Deori, Scientist-E ERC Herbaceous Flora of Meghalaya
Dr. D. Singh, Scientist-D Bryo-flora of Jharkhand
Dr. Monalisa Dey, Scientist–C  Liverworts and Hornworts Flora of Darjeeling District, West Bengal
Dr. Giriraj Singh Panwar, Scientist- D In vitro mass multiplication and propagation and rehabilitation in natural habitat of useful and threatened species of the North-West Himalaya
Dr. J. Swamy, Bot. Assist. Flora of Kinnerasani Wild life Sanctuary, Telangana
Dr. L. Rasingam, Scientist-D Flora of Manjeera Wild Life Sanctuary,Telangana
Dr. M. R. Debta, Scientist-C Floristic studies in selected HighAltitude Wetlands (HAWs) and its environs representing 5 districts of Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. R. Manikandan, Scientist-E  Assessment of Plant diversity in Cauvery North Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu
Dr. Mayur Y. Kamble, Scientist-E Ex-situ conservation of Endemic tree species of the region in NOEG, Yercaud
Dr. Nagaraju Siddabathula, Bot. Assist. Grasses of Telangana State
Dr. Puneet Kumar, Scientist C Cytological studies in some selected chromosomally lesser-known/unknown plants and Liverworts from Botanic Garden of BSI, NRC, Dehradun and adjoining areas
Dr. Rashmi Dubey, Scientist-E Bambusicolous Fungi of Goa
Dr. S. Kaliamoorthy, Scientist-E Ex-situ conservation of endemic endangered and threatened plants of the region and recording of phenology of species in the NOEG, Yercaud
Dr. Sujana. K. A., Scientist-D Flora of Kanniyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu
Dr. Vinay Ranjan, Scientist-E Angiosperm flora of Neora Valley National Park, Darjeeling, West Bengal