Arunachal Pradesh regional centre, Itanagar

Established on 8th August 1977 at Itanagar. In the year 1984-85, 124 acres of land was acquired at Sankie View, Itanagar where the present office-cum-Herbarium building and Experimental Garden as well as Residential complex have come up. The Field station was established with the aim to explore and document the plant wealth of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh, the land of Rising Sun, is the extremity of the Indian Union in the North-Eastern Region. The varied climate, altitude has influenced rich and diversified vegetation. Its verdant rain forests and representation of many primitive flowering plants, uniqueness of the flora makes it an interesting botanical provinces, which harbours c. 5000 spp. of flowering plants. The Circle has the functional units like Herbarium, Library and Experimental Garden to undertake various research activities.
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Regional Centre Publications

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