Central Regional Centre, Allahabad

The Botanical Survey of India, Central Regional Centre, Allahabad under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India was established on 31st July 1962 with Dr. G. Panigrahi, Regional Botanist as the then Head of Office. The history of Central Regional Centre goes back to 1954 when Central Botanical Laboratory was established at Kolkata on 13th April 1954, but after 8 months it was shifted to Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow on 2nd December 1954 and remained there till 3rd December 1957. Due to lack of land for experimental garden, it was again shifted from Lucknow to Allahabad in December 1957 in old Commissioner’s Office building with about 7 acres of land for Experimental Garden. The Central Botanical Laboratory remained at Allahabad for about 5 years, later it was shifted to Howrah in 1962. At the same time Botanical Survey of India, Central Regional Centre, Allahabad came into existence (in place of Central Botanical Laboratory) at 10, Chatham Lines, Allahabad, adjacent to Prayag Railway Station and continued to function from old Commissioner’s Office building till it was shifted to newly constructed building on 19th November 2004 within the same premise.
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Regional Centre Publications

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