Central National Herbarium, Howrah

Status of Survey

Status of Survey

Status of Survey

After the reorganization of Botanical Survey of India in 1954, scientists and staffs of Central National Herbarium have conducted about 300 explorations not only in the jurisdiction of CNH but also in the floristically rich areas like Sikkim, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, parts of Eastern Ghats and certain neighbouring countries which includes expeditions to Bhutan (1963-65). Out of 76 districts falling under the present jurisdiction of CNH, 17 districts have been well explored (>70%), 22 districts have been explored (between 40-70%) and remaining districts are being explored (<40>

New Genera Described: 11

1. Eskemukerjea Malick & Sengupta (POLYGONACEAE)

2. Kurziodendron N.P. Balakr. (EUPHORBIACEAE)

3. Nayariophyton T.K. Paul (MALVACEAE)

4. Neodriessenia M.P. Nayar (MELASTOMACAE)

5. Pauia Deb & Dutta (SOLANACEAE)

6. Pseudobrassaiopsis R.N. Banerjee (ARALIACEAE)

7. Pseudodiplospora Deb (RUBIACEAE)

8. Pseudodissochaeta M.P. Nayar (MELASTOMACEAE)

9. Pubistylus Thoth. (RUBIACEAE)

10. Stapletonia P. Singh et al. (POACEAE)

Tayloriophyton M.P. Nayar (MELASTOMACEAE

New Species Described: About 235