Southern Regional Centre, Coimbatore

Established on 10th Oct. 1955 with the jurisdiction of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Islands. This includes the Western Ghats, one of the 25 hotspots of the world and the Eastern Ghats. It has one of the oldest and renowned herbarium – the Madras herbarium besides a national orchidarium and associated garden. The office is situated within the campus of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. The Orchidarium and Garden are located at Yercaud in Salem District, about 190 km away from Coimbatore.
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Over 2500 exhibits are displayed in the museum. These include 1068 carpological collections, 215 seeds, 439 preserved specimens (FAA and Formaldehyde), 90 timber specimens, 9 tannin materials, 28 essential oils, 39 gums and resins, 100 illustrations/photographs of medicinal plants, 45 South Indian drugs, 50 ethnobotanical exhibits and several charts and photographs.

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A well established library with books, journals, maps, microfiche and reprints dealing with different disciplines of Botany are available in this Circle. The classical publications include:

  • van Rheede’sHortusMalabaricus
  • Linnaeus's Species Plantarum
  • Genera Plantarum
  • HortusCliffortianus
  • Roxburgh's Flora Indica and Plants of the coast of Coramandal
  • Burman's Flora Indica
  • Forskal's Flora Aegyptiaco- Arabica
  • Wallich'sTentamen Florae Nepalensis
  • Plantae AsiaticaeRariores
  • Wight's IconesPlantarumIndiaeOrientalis
  • Prodromus Florae PeninsulaeIndiaeOrientalis
  • D. Don's Prodromus Florae Nepalensis
  • Royle's Illustration of Botany and of Himalayan Mountains and Flora of Cashmere
  • Engler and Prantl'sNatürliche PFLANZEN FAMILIEN
  • Griffith's IconesPlantarumAsiaticum
  • Notulae AD PlantasAsiacticas
  • Hooker's IconesPlantarum
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