Arunachal Pradesh regional centre, Itanagar

Arunachal Pradesh regional centre, Itanagar
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The Museum has photographic exhibits of vegetation type and other important plants.

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The Field Station has a library for ready references with the present holding of 999 Books and 725 issues of various Journals dealing with different aspects of Plant Taxonomy and Floristics, Ecology, Phyto-geography, Cytology, Environment and Conservation etc. The library holds some of the significant and classical publication such as :

  • Ames’ Studies in the Family Orchidaceae
  • Baker and Brink’s Flora of Java
  • Bentham and Hooker's GenereaPlantarum
  • Blatter's Flora of Arabica
  • Ching'sIconesFilicumSinicarum
  • Christensen's Index Filicum
  • De Candolle's ProdromusSystematisNaturalisRegniVegitabilis
  • Engler's Syllabus Der Pflanzenfamilien
  • Forbes and Hemsley's Enumeration of Plants of China
  • Gangulee's Mosses of Eastern India and adjacent Regions
  • Griffith's IconesPlantarumAsiaticarum
  • Griffith's Notulae Ad PlantusAsiaticus
  • Hooker and Baker's Synopsis Filicum
  • Hooker's Flora British India
  • Hutchinson's The Family of Flowering Plants
  • Kanjilal's Flora of Assam
  • King and Pantling's The Orchids of Sikkim Himalaya
  • Kurz's Forest Flora of British Burma
  • Linnaeus' Species Plantarum
  • Rabenhorst'sKryptogamen Flora Die LaumooseEuropas
  • Sargent's Plantae Wilsonianae
  • Stafleu and Cowon's Taxonomic Literature
  • Takhtajan's An Integrated System of Classification of Flowering Plants
  • Takhtajan's The Diversity and Classification of Flowering Plants
  • Trimen's Flora of Ceylon
  • Van Der Wijk's Index Muscorum
  • Van Steeni's Flora of Malesiana
  • Wallich's Plantae AsiaticaeRariores
  • Wallich'sTentamen Flora Nepalensis
  • Wight's IconesPlantarumIndiaeOrientalis

Apart from these Raj Bhasha section of the Field Station has some books on different topics numbering 100.

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