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International Conventions vis-a-vis BSI

The nodal research institution of the Ministry of Environment and Forests for exploration, identification, documentation and conservation of plant resources of the country.

Storage of data on Indian flora, herbarium holdings and taxonomic bibliography is being done at the Computer Units of Northern Circle, Dehra Dun and Southern Circle, Coimbatore.

  • Convention on International trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) : India, along with 142 other countries is party of this convention. Botanical Survey, being the Scientific Authority for plants in India, has so far succeeded in getting 12 critically endangered Indian plants species listed in different Appendices of CITES.
  • The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) : The survey helps the country to meet its commitment to CBD, especially in relation to the objectives enshrined in Article-7 ( Identification and Monitoring); Article-8 (In-situ Conservation); Article-9 (Ex-situ Conservation); Article-12 (Research and Training); Article-13 (Public Education and Awareness) and Article-14 (Impact Assessment and minimising Adverse Impacts).

In addition, the survey has also been instrumental in the inclusion of 29 plant species/groups in the Negative List of Export (PN-47) by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, to augment the conservation efforts at national level.


Last Updated : 09/07/2020