Biosphere reserve

Biosphere Reserve

  • The Survey has completed floristic studies on five Biosphere Reserves namely – Great Nicobar, Nilgiri, Gulf of Mannar, Manas and Nanda Devi and 31 National Parks. Out of this taxonomic accounts of 4 Biosphere Reserves and five National Parks have been published.
  • Whereas, studies on remaining 7 Biosphere Reserves is in progress. Besides, accounts of the floristic diversity in 23 Tiger Reserves and some selected Wildlife Sanctuaries have also been brought out by the Survey.
  • Under a recently sanctioned research project by MoEF entitled “Assessment of Floristic Diversity in Protected areas of India, Phase – I: - The Biosphere Reserves and National Parks”. Botanical Survey has taken up the detailed study of the various aspects of the floristic diversity in the remaining Biosphere Reserves and National Parks of the country.

Pin Vally National Park