Identification of Plant Species

1. From NGOs and Commercial organisations    Rs 100/- per sheet

2. From scientists, research scholars/students     Rs. 50/- per sheet

Plant Identification services

Authentication of Plant Samples/Plant Parts

1. Fee for authentication of plant samples is Rs 500/- per sample.

Supply of Plant Material*

  1. Plants of common occurrence                                             Rs. 150/- per specimen+ cost of collection
  2. Plants of localised distribution                                             Rs. 200/- per specimen+ cost of collection
  3. Plants of rare distribution                                                      Rs. 300/- per specimen+ cost of collection
  4. Supply of material for research
    1. Dry                 Rs. 100/-+ cost of collection
    2. Pickled          Rs. 150/- + cost of collection

Field Work

Cost of transportation, boarding/lodging charges + materials + Rs. 500/- per day and Rs. 200/- for part of the day. (Double charges for commercial organisations and NGOs)

*Special cases