Southren Regional Centre, Coimbatore
National Emblem Ministry of Environment and Forests


A well established library with books, journals, maps, microfiche and reprints dealing with different disciplines of Botany are available in this Circle. The classical publications include:

  • van Rheede’sHortusMalabaricus
  • Linnaeus's Species Plantarum
  • Genera Plantarum
  • HortusCliffortianus
  • Roxburgh's Flora Indica and Plants of the coast of Coramandal
  • Burman's Flora Indica
  • Forskal's Flora Aegyptiaco- Arabica
  • Wallich'sTentamen Florae Nepalensis
  • Plantae AsiaticaeRariores
  • Wight's IconesPlantarumIndiaeOrientalis
  • Prodromus Florae PeninsulaeIndiaeOrientalis
  • D. Don's Prodromus Florae Nepalensis
  • Royle's Illustration of Botany and of Himalayan Mountains and Flora of Cashmere
  • Engler and Prantl'sNatürliche PFLANZEN FAMILIEN
  • Griffith's IconesPlantarumAsiaticum
  • Notulae AD PlantasAsiacticas
  • Hooker's IconesPlantarum
Last Updated : 24/01/2020