Western Regional Centre, Pune
National Emblem Ministry of Environment and Forests


  • Annual Action Plan Projects for the year 2014
    • Ferns of Karnataka 2014-2018. (Dr.A.Benniamin)
    • Floristic Diversity of Biligirirangaswamy (BRT) WLS, Karnataka 2013-2017. (Dr. J. Jayanthi)
    • Folicolous Fungi of Maharashtra (2010-2016) (Dr. Rashmi Dubey, Mrs.A. Neelima)
    • Studies on the Orchids of Maharashtra with special emphasis on endemic Orchids. (Dr. J.S. Jalal, S.C.Patil.) April 2012 – March 2015.
    • Flora of Sharavathi valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Shimoga, Karnataka (2012-2015) (Dr. S.K. Das Das,)
Last Updated : 09/04/2019