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Dr RashmiDubey

NAME : Dr.RashmiDubey
DESIGNATION : Scientist ‘C’
DATE OF BIRTH : 01.02.1975
FIELD OF STUDY : Taxonomy of Fungi
FAX : 020-26124139
PHONE : 020-26122125
E-MAIL  : dr.rashmidubey@gmail.com

List of publications

  1. R. Dubey and A.K. Pandey, (2005). A new leaf spot disease of Costusspeciosus.J. Basic Appl. Mycol. 4 (I and II): 30-31.
  2. R. Dubey and A.K Pandey(2006). Chaetomiumglobosum- A new pathogen inciting root rot disease of Asparagus racemosus. J. Basic Appl. Mycol. 5 (I and II): 54-56.
  3. R. Dubey and A.KPandey,.(2007). Forest and Tribals- An unbreakable linkage. In: Tribal Scenaria (Eds. L. Shrivastava). Shree Publishers and Distribushers, New Delhi -110002. ISBN: 81-8329-194-5.
  4. Gautam, S.P., Pandey, A.K. and Dubey, R. (2007). Mycoflora of Medicinal plants of Madhya Pradesh: An Overview. In: Threatened wild medicinal plants, Assessment, Conservation and Management. (Eds. P.K. Shukla and O.P. Chaubey). Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi- 110002. ISBN: 978-81-26-3405-2.
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  6. R. Dubey and A.KPandey,.(2008). First Report of Rhizoctoniasolani causing Blight Disease of Phyllanthusniruri. J. Mycol. Pl. Pathol. 38 (1) 138-140.
  7. R. Dubey and A.KPandey,.(2008). Some new records of fungi and medicinal plants combinations from India. J. Basic Appl. Mycol.7 (I and II):119-123.
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  9. R. Dubey and A.KPandey,.(2008). Tripospermumbutaesp. nov.– A New EctoparasiticHyphomycetes from India J. Mycol. Pl. Pathol Vol.3 (3): 611-613.
  10. R. Dubey and A.KPandey,.(2009). Occurrence and characterisation of Curvulariasteveae sp. nov. Pathogenic to Stevia rebaudiana – a first report from India. Journal of Indian Botanical society.88 (1 and 2) 98-101.
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  19. R.Dubey and A.KPandey,.(2011). Curvulariaoscimi sp. nov. – A Novel Species of Curvularia from India. J. Mycol. Pl. and Pathol.Vol 41 (2) 335-336. (Published).
  20. R. Dubey and A.KPandey,.(2011). Cercosporidiumziziphussp. nov.-A New folicolousHyphomycetes from India. J. Mycol. Pl. and Pathol.Vol 41 (2) 337-339.
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  43. R.Dubey and Neelima AM (2014). Moonambeth.PhragmospathulabrachyspathulaMercado – A record of anamorphic fungi from Western Ghats. India”.(2014) – NEBIO- An International Journal of Environment and Biodiversity.Vol.5 (1):25-27.
  44. R. Dubey and Neelima A. Moonambeth (2014).Vermiculariopsiellapapaye sp. nov.- A new species of Vermiculariopsiella from Western Ghats, India in “International Journal of Scientific Research. 3(6):35-36.

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