Central National Herbarium
National Emblem Ministry of Environment and Forests

Centre at a Glance


Year of establishment: 1795

Area under Jurisdiction: Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal (ca 2, 62,627 sq km.).

Herbarium Acronym: CAL

Herbarium Holdings: Angiosperms: ca 2 million; Gymnosperms: 500; Pteridophytes: 65,000 Bryophytes: 11,200; Algae: 2250; Fungi: 4200; Lichen: 3,500.

Type specimens: 20,722

Wallichian specimens: 12,300

New Genera discovered: 11

New Species discovered: 235


In view of the prevailing conditions related to Novel Corona virus (COVID – 19) outbreak, being reported from different parts of the country, most of the Educational Institutions in different states, including West Bengal are closed. In this connection, considering the safety of the staff and the visitors, the Herbarium halls of this institute will be remain closed to the visitors until further notification.


Contact Address: Scientist-In-Charge, Central National Herbarium, P.O. Botanic Garden, Howrah-711 103, West Bengal, Phone: +91-33-26683235.

Last Updated : 26/05/2020