Arid Zone Regional Center, Jodhpur
National Emblem Ministry of Environment and Forests


The library has c. 3760 old and latest books and 2500 back issues of Indian as well as foreign journals dealing with different aspects of floristics, plant taxonomy, phytogeography, ecology, genetics, environment and conservation, ethnobotany etc. The library subscribes about 20 foreign and 8 Indian journals. Some of the significant classical literature housed in the library are :

  • Linnaeus’s Oland and Gotland Journey
  • Flora Cochinchinensis by Loureiro
  • SystemaVegetabilium by Caroli a Linneai
  • Species Plantarum and Mantissa Plantarum by Linnaeus
  • PhilosophiaBotanica by Linnaeus
  • Genera Plantarum (V ed.) by Linnaeus
  • Illustration of Botany of Himalayan mountains and Flora of Cashmere by Royle
  • HortusMalabaricus by Van Rheede
  • Plants of the Coast of Coromandel by Roxburgh
  • Genera Plantarum (Vol. 1-3) by G. Bentham and J. D. Hooker
  • IconesPlantarumIndiaeOrientalis and Prodromus Florae PenninsulaeIndiaeOrientalis by Wight
  • Prodromus by De Candolle
  • Die NaturlichenPflanzenfamilien by Engler and Prantl
  • Das Pflanzenreich by Engler
  • Flora Aegyptiaca-Arabia by Forskal
  • Hooker’s IconesPlantarum
  • Plantae AsiaticaRariores by Wallich
  • Botanical Miscellany (3 vols.) by W. J. Hooker
  • Nova Genera et Species Plantarum by Humboldt Bonpland and Kunth
  • Prodromus Florae Novae Hollandiae by Robert Brown
  • Flora Taurica-Caucasica by Marschall and Bieberstein
Last Updated : 09/08/2019