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Inventorisation of Endangered Plant Species

  • Based on the survey and exploration as well as herbarium and literature studies, about 1500 species of flowering plants and few hundreds of Pteridophytes, Bryophytes, Lichens and Fungi have been identified as threatened. After careful and critical evaluation of their status and threat perceptions, the Survey has compiled Data Sheets on 1182 species, 708 of which have already been published as Red Data Book of Indian Plants: volume 1 – 3 (vol. 4 and 5 are in press).
  • The intensification of search for some of the extremely rare plant species in their known localities as well as in the areas having identical eco-climatic conditions have led in the rediscovery of species like Belosynapsis kewensis, Byrsophyllum tetrandrum, Claoxylon hirsutum, Didymocarpus missionis, D. ovalifolia, Eugenia floccosa, E.singampatiana, Exacum courtallense, Humboldtia unijuga, Pogostemon travancoricum, Casearia andamanica, Lactuca cooperi, Carex pamirensis, Cyathopus sikkimensis, Dicranostigma lactucoides, Cotoneaster lambertii, Trachycarpus takil, Radula assamica, Conocephalum supradecompositum, Daedoleopsis purpurea, Fistulina hepatica. Some even after more than hundred years since type collection.
  • Recently, under a Ministry of Environment and Forests sponsored research project, revalidation of rare taxa listed in Red Data Book (1 – 5) has been taken up by Botanical Survey of India in order to revise their status as per the latest IUCN - 2001 categories.
  • The Survey has also been instrumental in the establishment of Nepethes and Citrusgene Sanctuary in Meghalaya and Rhododendron and Orchid sanctuaries in Sikkim.

Trachycarpus takil

Last Updated : 09/07/2020