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Miscellaneous studies

  • Ecological studies on Dry Sal forests of West Bengal and sand dunes of Rameshwaram.
  • Structure, Composition, Development and classification of Coastal belt vegetation of India.
  • Phytogeography, edaphic relationship, phenotypic variability and other baseline ecosystem characteristics in relation to a number of threatened species and certain protected areas, like Dudhwa National Park, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, etc .
  • Chemical screening of Solanum viarum and Coptis teeta and its adulterants.
  • Pharmacognostic studies on the Coptis teeta, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Calotropis, gigantea, Catharanthus roseus and species of Cinnamomum.
  • Palyno-morphological studies on families Simaroubaceae, Solanaceae, Bignoniaceae, Capparaceae, Burseraceae, Ochnaceae, Resedaceae, Polygonaceae Scrophulariaceae, Gentianaceae, etc. and genera Desmodium, Nepenthes, Aeschynomene and Solanum. The palynological account of family Polygonaceae has been published.
  • Cytotaxonomic studies on the genus Dioscorea, karyotype studies on some members of the family Euphorbiaceae, Araceae, Solanaceae and chromosome number in about 700 species have been determined.
  • Indian Herbaria: Legacy, floristic documentation and issues of maintenance - Munivenkatappa Sanjappa and Potharaju VenuView Document390 Kb

Solanum Viarum

Last Updated : 26/05/2020